Saturday, January 13, 2018

5 Years later....

Thank you! Our family appreciates your business!

The biggest news in 5 years since the last blog....the business moved! For 10 years the we were in a commercial district. However we decided to move it to be a home based business again. Over the last few years we sold our starter house, moved to a rental, had a forever house built and moved into it this summer. Then we moved the business too. Took us till end of October. Have a consistent routine down and feeling settled in enough start adding items again.

In 2014 stopped adding new releases for a few reasons. Have added some newer titles but not consistently because I had a lot of inventory all boxed up in my warehouse that needed to be added. Still have about 30 boxes of inventory left to work on. Am really excited this week because finally added 2 pallets worth of "The Decorative Painter" back issue magazines! They had been sitting in my warehouse for many years.

Some plans for 2018....

Kept the 50% off compensate for the sporadic shipping while had so much going on. It will remain for a little while longer. Am redesigning the website which will also make it mobile friendly. That is still a few months away from completion. The pricing will change with the new site. Join our newsletter for monthly updates.

Lastly Communication.....

We no longer have a phone line listed for the business. You can contact us via our email or our FACEBOOK page that I just set up. If for some reason you are not getting our emails please do message us through Facebook. If you do want to talk in person just leave me your number and convenient time to call you back.

If you read the above...... Thank you for your interest and again we appreciate your business!


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