Thursday, June 30, 2011

Website makeover and updates!

This week we launched a new website design. The redesign was necessary so we could offer some new features. Our goal was to freshen it up making it a little simpler, faster and easier to navigate. We still have some tweaks to do but basically it is done.

Also we have updated our inventory to reflect only what is here with me in Texas. You will notice that the quantity on many books went drastically down. We still have the extra inventory but it is in Georgia. When we get back there we will add it back in.

One of my favorite new features is saving your basket to email. So if in the middle of shopping you get called away from the computer you can quickly just enter your email on the basket page and it will send you a email with a link to restore your basket. It saves it for 10 days.

Friday, June 17, 2011

First Blog Post

This blog will be about the site and life in general. It will be a work in progress. It seems like a good way to keep people updated about things on a weekly basis. Rather than only getting news once a month with my newsletters. 

If you would love to share pictures of your completed projects email them to me. I enjoy looking at them and think my customers would enjoy seeing others work too!

Well keeping this one short. Will be posting again shortly with some exciting news in the next few days!! 

Take Care! Amy