Thursday, February 16, 2012

New mailing lists added!

Our monthly newsletter we only send once a month. We have added more lists to choose from. Now you can subscribe to a specific category to get more frequent updates. See below for more details. 

  • Monthly Newsletter - 1 time a month
  • New Releases - Just published new additions.
  • New Items - Any new inventory we add that was not on the site before. 
  • Clearance - When new clearance items are added.  
  • Craft Books - When new craft book titles are added. 

If you are already subscribed to a list you can add by entering the same email in the subscribe box. It will open up a pop up for you to click update on. Then give you instructions from there. 

This will be most helpful for the clearance category. We have thousands of books to put in that category. We are pricing these to move and they sell out quick. We remove the title from the site when it is sold out. If you see it saying WAITLIST add your name. It may reappear if that person does not checkout. Or if I find more I will activate that listing and if anyone is on the list it will email them first. :) 

Thank you so much for your continued interest. I appreciate your business and look forward making the site even better. 

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