Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Updates!


New clearance books have been uploaded! Thousands of books will be loaded as time permits. As of Feb 1st I have made a commitment to list as many as I can. Wide selection and conditions vary. Some titles may show out of stock but then appear in stock again. It is either because I find more or from shopping baskets not being completed. The site automatically restocks the store with any baskets that are abandoned.


After our sale ended we decided to make some changes. In our newsletter last month I announced that many prices have been lowered to 40% off or more. There is no end date. Now some individual items may go up or down. But overall just lowering prices.


If you pay with PAYPAL you may notice a difference at checkout. Paypal will be sending you back to our site for you to finalize your order. Once paypal directs you back to the site you will need to click continue to complete it. Once you do  the payment is processed and you are forwarded to the order complete page. 


We are making minor tweaks to the site here and there. To make shopping with us more fun and simple. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

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